The 2016 tax filing season is here!  

Tax preparation and problem solving is our business.  We view the annual tax filing season as an opportunity to help you report as little a tax liability as legally permissible.   Your trust in our office is most important.  Our thousands of clients were generated solely by referral, so once you’ve been here, we hope to earn your trust and loyalty.  Therefore, unlike our competitors, we do not sell you costly add-on products (audit insurance, refund loans, mortgage loans) and we are here all year round.  Our fees are less than the mega preparation companies, but our quality is superior.  We consider your personal information highly confidential and take all precautions to protect you.

We look forward to seeing you.  Use these tips to prepare for your appointment.

  1. Make your appointment by calling 201-896-8024 or send an e-mail .
  2. Gather your annual tax documents.  If you haven’t received everything in the mail, try going to your online account to recover your tax documents.  If you received NJ unemployment, -ou can only get your statement online.  If you haven’t received your mortgage interest, call their automated system to get your annual mortgage interest, insurance, and property taxes.
  3. Review your 2016 information.  Compare your documents to the prior year.  If you need a tax organizer with prior year information to cross check your documents, feel free to request one with an e-mail .
  4. Review the year for any change of circumstances.  The following events  are most likely  to change your tax return: marriage, divorce, birth, death, illness, job loss, gambling winnings, inheritance, new sources of income, retirement, dependent child turned 17 years old, college tuition, adoption, promotions, spouse started or stopped working.
  5. Prepare for your appointment.  Put all of your documents together and make a list of questions to ask the preparer.   Remember, the only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked.  We will explain all the details of your tax return prior to asking for your signature on the return.  We will not file your return unless you are completely satisfied that it represents your complete tax circumstances.
  6. Arrive early for your appointment.  Expect to be at our office for an hour.  We take that into account when scheduling tax clients.  Bring your state issued identification.  New security requirements require us to take information from your identification.
  7. Follow-up. You may be given instructions to provide additional information or make payment to the IRS or State.
  8. Keep our phone number available.  When you use TAX ON TIME, LLC for your tax preparation, you gain access to year round resources.  We are here all year and have answered thousands of questions.

Prepare for 2017.  We will not know for sure what changes President Trump’s administration will make to the tax code, but if he sticks to his promises, the tax rates are expected to be lower.  Our office will report on this website up-to-date information on the changes that affect our clients.

Refunds Delayed due to Increased Security measures.  The most predominant change in the tax preparation business is the emphasis on securing taxpayer’s personal information.    The government’s losses from identity theft (other people using your name, date of birth,  and social security number)  and outright tax fraud  (prisoners in jail filing bogus tax returns) has caused the implementation of additional measures to verify identity.   Refunds will be delayed up to two weeks, compared to prior years, to account for the new security measures.  Our office uses state of the art tax preparation software that is compliant with the government’s new security mandate.

IRS Frequently Asked Questions.  This link will take you to the IRS.GOV dedicated to frequently asked questions.